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Marketing Services

  • Are you too busy in your day job to make time to think strategically about the marketing of your company and its products?
  • Have you ever considered subcontracting your marketing function to a third party, on a part-time or project basis?
  • Are you having difficulties recruiting the right marketing person for your organisation?

Welcome to the marketing arm of SilverBullet PR, a bespoke marketing service that will empower you to make the most of any marketing opportunities.

As John D Rockefeller said, “next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.”  Marketing is all about understanding your product, identifying your markets and then ensuring that the market knows that you have to ability to deliver the product it desires.

Having spent the last 4 years working alongside a variety of marketing departments and agencies, SilverBullet PR soon appreciated that whilst there are many marketing agencies, there are few agencies that can support the needs of the engineering and manufacturing sector.  Technical marketing is a specialisation that requires a level of understanding relating to the specific needs of a product.  This skill set can sometimes be scarce and therefore whilst companies do recognise the need for a marketing manager, workplace demands and a lack of qualified technical marketers force companies to share the role of marketing across a number of employees.

 The SilverBullet Marketing service enables engineering and manufacturing companies to realise significant benefit by offering dedicated marketing support, tailored to meet their exact needs and budget; in order to help them through all the stages of marketing process.  This also has the added benefit of providing consistently fresh ideas and avoids the often prohibitive expense of employing an in-house marketing department.

This service works in a completely flexible way. This might entail working for you in a part time capacity for just a few hours a week, days a month or operating as an on-site marketing manager for a set period of time. Alternatively, we can deliver a specific objective on a project basis, perhaps a new product launch, exhibition or marketing campaign. 

In order to achieve your objectives and enable your company to grow, the services SilverBullet PR marketing can provide are highlighted below:

Strategic Marketing Analysis Through Life Management
Marketing Planning New Product Development
Marketing Communications Market Monitoring / Tracking
Event Management Marketing Campaign Implementation
Market Segmentation/Assessment Strategic Business Development Analysis

With 15 years’ experience in engineering orientated marketing roles, we have the expertise to help companies meet their marketing requirements.

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