Why Use SilverBullet PR?

Our ability to see the bigger picture is key to what we offer. Dean Palmer’s Engineering Degree, 5 years in industry, coupled with his understanding of how the B2B technical trade press operates, means SilverBullet PR can translate what its client wants to say into something editors will want to publish.

SilverBullet PR has built good relationships with Editors in the technical trade press. This means your PR has a better chance of grabbing the editor’s attention rather than being deleted or placed in a waste paper bin before it has been read.

We can write tailored PR articles to specific magazines or editors, rather than rely on one version ‘scatter gunned’ across the trade press like many PR agencies do.

SilverBullet PR can become the first port of call for editors’ questions/queries and lessen the current burden on a company’s marketing manager/department/product managers.

Unique Selling Points

Having been an Editor for 8 years, Dean Palmer knows precisely what journalists need and so SilverBullet PR can deliver it quickly, efficiently and in a format editors can work with.

Successful PR requires careful forward planning, rapid response to requests from editors and an acute awareness of magazine deadlines. We pride ourselves on fulfilling these criteria.

SilverBullet PR understands the subtle editorial requirements of different trade journals. Some prefer exclusive articles, others simply require regular product news stories or snippets of information for their news section each month.